Photo Album


Thanks to the R.C.O.C. Museum, I have photos of most Apprentice Platoons and of some Trades Courses. I will endeavor to rotate them as often as time and space permit.

If there is something special you would like, once again as time permits I can usually look after requests from any R.C.O.C. Soldier Apprentices.  


39/40 Pl Invade 2009 Calgary RCOC Reunion

RCOC Apprentices 1955 - 56

Apprentice Pl's from 1961

Apprentices  63-65

39,40,41, 42 Pl & Trades Trg Pl's

2005 Ottawa Reunion

(thanks to Phil Cornforth)

More then 41 years later! The Gang from 61-63

Left to right - Brian Eadie - Harry Witt (Wiwczaryk) - Rolf Silfwerbrand - Les Jarvis - Bob Gilbert - Bill Hubbard 


41 years later! RCOC Reunion Chilliwack June 04

left to right  - Ken Metherel, Phil Cornforth, Bill Hicks, Art Duttchen

Apprentices at the Western Reunion August 2004

From left to right:

Rear Row Bob Martin, Harold Stevens, Jeff Langlois

Center Row Mike Skrupa, Ken Oelrich, Bill Hicks, Bill Hubbard

Front Row Walter Myslicki, Phil Cornforth, Rod Straight

Missing but present Russ Watson, Gary Steinhauer, Art Duttchen and several others whose names escape me.


7 Pl attendees at the Calgary Reunion 2004

From left to right - Russ Watson, Glenn Higgs, Allan Prout and Joe Ganter