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Received from KENNETH GAYDAMACK via e-mail


I'm looking for anyone from #20 platoon and / or #11 storeman crse Longue Pointe1949/50. Please contact Ken Gaydamack at kengy708@3web.net




From the Bill Hicks files:


Finally found these two apprentices from my intake, hiding down east. Bill Bustard and Paul Saulnier.

While vacationing in PEI, NB and NS, I looked up the both of these fellas for Coffe and catchup. 

(they both promised to come to the 2009 Reunion in Calgary, we'll see!) 




Received this e-mail from Bill Sandford


I am looking for anyone who served in the RCOC following the war who might remember my late father Cpl. Charles Weaver Sandford. We spent 7 year in Camp Borden until we were transferred to Camp Hagersville in 1960. We were transferred again when Hagersville was closed, ending up in Cobourg Depot until his retirement in 1965. 

The family moved back to Toronto, and my father died in November 1977. He is interred in a veteran's plot in Brampton Ont.

I found the RCOC site while searching out interesting information on other Canadian army units. I have found some interesting group photos of various regiments while going through flea markets and antique stores in Ontario.

A recent find, a training group photo showed Headquarters Company of the RCASC. I intend to donate the photo to the newly opened Base Borden Museum.




Received the following e-mails from Dave Mackesy


My name is Dave Mackesy (CProC and CF Military Police - 1963 to 1991).

My father John Mackesy, former 1 Fd Sqn, RCE was a great friend of Frank Brown and his wife June during his military service.  I also knew Frank very well.

I believe he retired as a CWO, possibly in Ottawa and some time later relocated and bought a home in Florida.  My parents kept in contact until recent years however my mother is unable to locate an address or email for Frank.

My mother would like to contact Frank and his wife to relate death of my father.

Any help in contacting Frank would be greatly appreciated.



Received in email from Réjean Brunet

Hi, my name is Réjean Brunet and I was with the 11PL at the RCOC-ATC school in Montreal from 1959 to 1961. I did retrieve the photos on me in PL 14 during my second year on the RCOC site but I and some other friends from PL 11 are looking for photos of 1959-1960 when we were 'juniors'. If you happen to have some of them we would greatly appreciate receiving some at my e-mail address.

Thanks again !

Réjean Brunet





These were received by e-mail from David McDowell


David remembered the place and time but was a bit fuzzy on the names. Germany 1963

Perhaps you are one of these persons or know who they are?

Let us know and we'll try and put them in the photo album.




Bill Hicks













Shirley & John Clayton 

Sent: June 10, 2005 9:19 PM
Subject: looking for Jim Lyster

Jim and I both left Victoria in the fall of '59. he to RCOC and me to RCE Apprentices. 
lost contact 3 decades ago. Any info greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. 
John Clayton /8th



Guy Gaudreault


To: Bill Hicks
Subject: Trade Badge GP 2 Ammo Tech.


Hello Bill,


Could you through the RCOC Association Website, find if

anybody happen to have such a Badge of the 60s (that is

before the unification)?  A flaming grenade with laurels underneath.


I hope you don’t find me a pain in the neck.






Wm. Hubbard


I am looking for any pictures from our days in Montreal 1961-1963.
I am compiling a scrap book. I started with about 20 of my own photos and now have 140. I am making a hard copy Photo Album  ( I took this to the Reunion in Calgary last year.) but also putting them on CD to make available to anyone who wishes one.( I am not selling these.)
I do have all the platoon, trades courses, ( thanks to Bill Hicks) sports teams, drill team and rifle team pictures but am looking for "Barrack Room" pictures.
The other pictures I have added been sent to me by Doug Braun, Terry Yonkers, Harry Witt (Wiwczaryk) and Brian Cyr.
If you can scan the pictures or send me the originals I will most certainly return them to you.
Many Thanks,
Bill Hubbard
25 Platoon



Rick Lundin

Looking for Remi Jones or Hugh McKenzie from Apprentices in 1960 to 1962 RCOC.
Contact Rick Lundin
Osoyoos B.C.


Bill Hicks -Eldon Mealy where are you? Anyone know the whereabouts of Euloth, Lowell or Kingston, 40 Pl ATC?


Guy Gaudreault


Dear Web Master,


I am from the RCASC second intake (Valcartier CATS and Borden 1954-56) and looking to acquire

one or two pair of Green Shoulder Flash.  If possible the large ones from the first two intakes (7/8 of an inche).


Thank you for your attention.

Guy Gaudreault 5 Platoon ATC RCASC(A) Association.    Guy found his Flash!




P.S.  I finished my military career with the RCOC as an Ammo Examiner (Tech they call it later on)